Musings on a Wicker Basket

wicker basket

We are cleaning the bedroom and bathroom today. On the bed are two large baskets -- both wicker. I grew up with plastic laundry baskets. Now -- I only purchase wicker baskets. Oh, sure, I still have 2 plastic ones -- one was a gift, one was rescued from bulk trash -- but the baskets I purchase (second hand, usually,) are wicker.

What an earthly wonder! The wicker basket is sturdy. It will withstand a fair amount of use and abuse. It keeps its shape. Sure, it does eventually wear out -- but so do the plastic ones. When it does wear out, it can be consigned to the compost heap. No problem there; it is made of twigs, and to dust it returns. No toxins when it expires -- and no toxins used to create it in the first place.

And, for those who have learned the art of basket weaving (anyone want to teach me?) here is a way to bend the natural world to create an article that is useful to life.

And that really is the point, isn't it? Because when we use the abundance of the natural world to fulfill our life's needs, we find freedom. When we work with the abundance of the natural world, we keep the fruit of our labors -- there is no capitalist boss taking 90% of the value of what is produced and keeping for himself. The earth has no interest in exploiting her children. She is very fair -- she is not a respecter of persons. We simply need to understand her and her cycles; to work with her, rather than at odds with her.