Why Frugality?

Why Frugality?

Frugality often is given a bad rap in current "American" culture. We are bombarded with advertisements that tell us that we have deficiencies, and that this product or service will ease or fix these deficiencies, or that they will tantalize and entertain us. Where, in this endless cycle of consumption, is there room for frugality?


The frugal organic path...

We live in a fast-paced, plastic world. Like many of us, I long for a simpler life, closer to the earth, closer to life. As I have sought this out, I have learned more and more about the problems of the world we live in, and about the toxins and threat to life that are all around us. And, like so many others, my life is occurring against a backdrop of near poverty, characterized by lack of access to sufficient financial resources to pursue all that I might like to pursue.

Introduction to Saving Money Masterclass

About an hour ago I got a text from my spouse while on break at work. Coworkers ask him to teach them how to save money, he tells me. And he doesn’t know to teach them. “I could teach master classes about it,” is my response. This blog section is my attempt to do just that.

Climate Change: Whose Living Standards Will Change Drastically?

Mesa Verde

Response to: Finding the Truth behind the American Hologram (CoIC)
see: https://collapseofindustrialcivilization.com/2020/12/06/tim-garrett-phys...
"Now can you imagine the outrage when they are told they have to drastically reduce their living standards to prevent catastrophic climate change..."

A City Looks Up - The City of Phoenix Addresses Climate Change

Today, I want to share something that I found uplifting -- The City of Phoenix's current Climate Action Plan. https://www.phoenix.gov/oep/climate

Musings on a Wicker Basket

wicker basket

We are cleaning the bedroom and bathroom today. On the bed are two large baskets -- both wicker. I grew up with plastic laundry baskets. Now -- I only purchase wicker baskets. Oh, sure, I still have 2 plastic ones -- one was a gift, one was rescued from bulk trash -- but the baskets I purchase (second hand, usually,) are wicker.

Defining "Organic"

A decade ago I didn't have a clue what "organic" means as currently used. I noticed that there was now a small selection of "organic" produce in the supermarket -- veges are veges! I thought -- and the organic ones were more expensive. (My frugal side always comes out when shopping.) I have learned a great deal in the ensuing decade.

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